Creative Assembly wraps up work on Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly has wrapped up work on Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The 1.7.1 patch, which goes live today, marks the end of the British studio’s post-launch support for the popular strategy game, which saw seven DLC releases over the course of two years.

The development team has transitioned onto another project based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Creative Assembly said in a video to fans.

It’s not clear exactly what direction and scope this new project will take. It could be a sequel to Three Kingdoms, or it could maybe be one of Creative Assembly’s spinoff-style “Saga” games, like Troy or Thrones of Brettania.

For now, the team have indicated they will be “increasing [their] focus on this novel’s rich cast of characters and their individual and unique narratives, taking the core of what made Total War: Three Kingdoms so special and pushing it further”.

Creative Assembly is doubling down on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, then, after the impressive success of the original game. As Eurogamer reported in May 2019, Three Kingdoms set a concurrent player record for the series on Steam with, at the time of our article’s publication, 147,496 people playing on Valve’s platform.

Three Kingdoms beat out the previous record holder, Rome 2 (all-time peak of 118,240), as well as Total War: Warhammer (119,909) and Total War: Warhammer 2 (72,112).

It’s a busy time for Creative Assembly, which is working on Total War: Warhammer 3 and a sci-fi first-person shooter.