Terry McLaurin feeling “more natural” connection to Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick said last month that organized team activities are a “really important” time for him to get to know his teammates on the Washington Football Team and he made specific note of learning the nuances that each receiver brings with him to the field.

Terry McLaurin is at the top of the list of Washington receivers and he shared some thoughts this week on how his relationship with Fitzpatrick is developing. He said it’s been fun working with the veteran quarterback and that he feels they have set the foundation for a productive partnership.

“We’ve definitely been able to iron out some things early and made some connection over the past few days,” McLaurin said, via “It’s starting to feel a lot more natural and being able to get that head start before camp is [really] good.”

McLaurin caught 87 passes for 1,118 yards with four different quarterbacks throwing passes last season. The hope in Washington is that they’ll see even more production with a stable situation under center.