Firefighters rescue horse from neighbor’s pool in Australia

Emergency responders were called to an Australian neighborhood to rescue a horse that had wandered into a neighbor’s yard and become trapped in their pool.

The Country Fire Service in Victoria said in a news release that crews from Hurstbridge and Research responded alongside the Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade’s Large Animal Rescue Team and a Victoria State Emergency Service crew from Nillumbik when a horse was reported trapped in a backyard swimming pool in Cottles Creek.

Firefighters said they had to be very quiet during the rescue to avoid spooking the 17-year-old horse, named Shiraz.

“A horse can explode at any given time, so we have to keep the scene as quiet as possible so that no one gets injured,” Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade 3rd Lt. Lisal O’Brien said in the release. “Arriving at a large animal rescue is the complete flip side of arriving at a fire — we arrive quietly, with no lights and sirens, we turn the radios down — it’s totally opposite.

“Keeping the scene quiet and reducing any form of stimulation allows the animal to remain calm,” she said.

The rescue team was able to lower the water level in the pool so a ramp could be constructed for Shiraz to walk out of the pool.

Shiraz’s owner, Kylie, said she suspects the horse got into the pool on purpose.

“He loves water so my suspicion is that he’s pushed the gate open and got in willingly,” she said. “You take him down to the beach and he’s like a little child running in and out with the waves. He even surfs in on the waves.”